Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK)

한국어능력시험(TOPIK) 관련이미지
[Office in charge]
TOPIK Division,
Dept. of Educational Development &


  • To propagate and set a standard frame work for learning Korean for non-native speakers of Korean and overseas Koreans alike.
  • To measure and evaluate their Korean language skills and utilize the results for entrance to Korean Educational institutes
    and for job-seeking purposes 

Exam Levels and Difficulties

Exam Levels and Difficulties
Division TOPIK
Test Level TOPIK I (Level 1~2) TOPIK II (Level 3~6)
Domains - Listening
- Reading
- Listening
- Writing
- Reading
Total Score(Duration) 200 points (100 mins) 300 points (180 mins)

Test result use

TOPIK is required for obtaining Korean permanent residency,
Entering universities in Korea as a foreign or Korean overseas student
and also used for applying to Korean companies in Korea and abroad.
Korean Government Scholarship Program Scholars taking the Korean language course must pass at least TOPIK level 3.
At least level 6 is required in order to become a Korean language teacher certified by the National Institute of the Korean Language.


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